“Simply being around Roxo’s exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.” 

– Harper’s Bazaar



Such a sweet honor to be featured here!


“Lean into your fierce, feminine energy for a 4-day immersive speaking and writing retreat at Maha Rose South, led by multi-talented author, speaker, and coach, Alexandra Roxo. Find your authentic self and voice through self-empowerment work and rituals as well as dynamic group workshops. Simply being around Roxo’s exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.”


How confident are you at speaking up?  Sharing your truth?  Saying when something doesn’t feel right?  Sharing your new idea at work?  Telling someone when something feels off?  Finding your voice and speaking up is truly a practice!

I practice every day.  I’m like, “Wait, am I really going to share that?” Or I ask myself, “Maybe I should keep that to myself.  I don’t wanna make a big drama.”  I have coached myself for years to speak up and in certain situations it can still be really hard for me – as I say with everything IT IS A PRACTICE!

Ruby and I have been helping each other with this in Moon Club for the last two years where we keep each other accountable for our personal and business and spiritual growth.  And it has changed our lives!  And we want to share that with you at our ⚡️FIND YOUR VOICE⚡️ retreat this summer!  Registration is now open!

Since working together INTENSELY on this, I quadrupled my income last year, Ruby got two book deals, we have greatly grown our social media followings, we made leaps and bounds in confidence levels, public speaking, negotiating and manifesting the contracts that we want, and feeling an overall sense of well-being and moving away from lack mentality to joy and abundance.  We have been working HARD to get here and practicing intensely and we want to share with you how we did it and how we are doing it.  There is no quick fix, but there are practices that work!

The retreat is going to be 3 days of DEEP WORK manifesting the new YOU and freeing the power and abundance you already have in you.  ⚡️You will leave ready for your next level Greatness.⚡️

And there will be bonfires, outdoor magic, rituals, and a Kundalini Disco!

And CONGRATS to all 89 of you who are Spring Detoxing with me this week!  Make sure you are in the Slack group with us sharing your feels!  Check out my podcast on Girl Boss radio below and a New Moon Detox Playlist by Moon Club member Chelsea H!


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