Devoted to the Siren…

This week’s share is a poem, practice, ritual and playlist! On the spirit of different sides of the feminine soul… here is a poem devoted to the SIREN in us all! I wrote this when I opened into deep commitment with my man.  Wrote for all of us who have an active Siren inside who […]

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You Are All of It: A Poem, Practice, Playlist

On Being A Complex Woman and Enjoying It. The sacred submissives have been cast aside. Banished to the hinterlands of pop culture. Being soft went out of style. Being passive is passé… But sometimes you feel a woman with a secret, who doesn’t wanna bare all. Doesn’t tell you everything, or have an opinion, and […]

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We Were Once “Uncivilized” Weren’t We?

We roamed wild and free. I licked the sweat off the side of your head as a way to show my affection, after we ran through the wood. We laughed for no reason, rolling on the Earth. We cried for no reason too. It just was. A mess of tears and snot, it lead us […]

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For The Beloved: A Poem, Playlist + Practice

I will roll down your hills, be sucked into your streams, pressed under you like a pansy petal in a picture book. To be swept into your sky, held there… Home. Dangling in the black. An ecstatic pool of nothingness. Where we are one. When you come to me I feel feverish, I feel whole. […]

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Give me a messiah and I’ll join their cause.⁣⁣ Find me a revolutionary and I’ll be there.⁣⁣ For I can cook,⁣⁣ I can love,⁣⁣ I can sing,⁣⁣ I can mend.⁣⁣ I will obey the orders and march. ⁣⁣ What else shall I do?⁣⁣ Turn to the way I stir a spot.⁣⁣ The way I hold […]

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