Be Here Nowish with Alexandra Roxo

Madison Margolin and Alexandra Roxo talk about the influence of Ram Dass on her work, stepping into the sacred feminine and becoming more embodied with psychedelics. LISTEN HERE

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Why is Practice ESSENTIAL?

PRACTICE = SELF-LIBERATION What is “practice” and how on earth could this be important in the midst of my busy day of computer, gym, house cleaning, raising kids, etc?! I SHALL TELL YOU 🙂   So, since we were little, we’ve been unconsciously and consciously practicing certain things. Some of these things become patterns and […]

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How To Choose a Coach/Mentor/Guide in These Times…

In today’s online world, the coaching and wellness space can be a really unregulated space and on any given day, you may have an IG feed and an inbox full of coaches and mentors offering their programs and masterminds and client spots to you… and right now I am one of them… 🙂 Sometimes people […]

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On the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love

Hello Dear Loves, As we move into a new lunar cycle this week, I wanted to share with you this piece I wrote on the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love… originally posted to my IG as a two-part series, but sharing the full piece with you here… plus a playlist for […]

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Balls Deep Podcast: Hickeys, Strip Clubs, and F*cking Like A Goddess with Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra explains how we can work past generational trauma to become more in touch with our emotions and spiritual selves, teaches us the importance of celebrating our sexuality, and redefines our definition of feminine to go beyond vanity. LISTEN HERE

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This week, Sah brings you a special episode.  Alexandra Roxo joins him to pray for requests from the community. LISTEN HERE

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The Dance of the Creative and Erotic Souls

A woman’s sexual expression is directly linked to her creative expression. I know this as true and true for myself. It doesn’t mean you need to be having sex.  It’s much more nuanced than that. It’s about learning how to work with sexual energy, life force, eros – this big numinous energy that keeps the […]

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To Be A Woman Who Doesn’t Pretend

Hi Beloveds, Today I have a poem and playlist for you… to perhaps awaken and inspire something within you for our New Moon in Cancer this week… I shared this poem on IG but ICYMI or wanna cut and paste and read often… it is one I am revisiting for myself, as a ritual.  POEM: […]

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Being the Invitation to Love – Poem + Playlist

Hi Beloveds, Today I have a poem and playlist for you… an ACTIVATION for these dark moon days into the new… enjoy.    POEM: The presence that awakens the world is free.⁣ ⁣ It doesn’t worry:⁣ ⁣ “Is this too much⁣? Is this not enough?”⁣ ⁣ It gives boldly!⁣  It makes a splash! ⁣ Loves […]

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