Alexandra has been called to help women find their voices, heal their sexuality, and come home to themselevs for as long as she can remember.  Her writings on these topics for The Numinous, Mind Body Green, Vice, Well + Good, Girl Boss, i-D Mag and more have been read by thousands of people.  Her film work, along the same topics, have been viewed by millions of people and featured in international press.

She is emerging in the space of sexuality and sexual healing and empowerment as a modern day thought leader and change maker.

Her online community and ritual program MOON CLUB, co-founded with Author Ruby Warrington (Material Girl, Mystical World) is an online space where women from around the world gather to help each other with entrepreneurial advice, do meditations and rituals, and empower each other to share with the world.  Alexandra wanted to provide a space for people online where they could access some of the amazing tools she has found in New York and LA and Moon Club has become just that.

She directed her first play at age 21 called This Little Light of Mine, about how religion tried to stamp out women's power and sexual expression and soon directed her first feature film Mary Marie which was reviewed with praise in Variety Magazine, New York Magazine, and much more.

Her web show Be Here Nowish debuted to much critical acclaim, and her Vice show Every Woman, which has amassed 10 million views did as well. Her work was featured in tons of international press from Vogue to Dazed to i-D, New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and more. She started directing commercials, developed a TV show with Steven Soderbergh and Spike Jonze, acted in the TV show The Knick and sold a movie she produced and acted in called BARE.

Her artistic path has traversed many realms and she been sought after and featured as a female director at Lincoln Center, been a Sundance Screenwriter's Lab finalist, shown multiple works at the Tribeca Film Festival and more.  She's interviewed women in strip clubs in New Mexico, truck stops, lived on the street with train hopping girls filming them, traveled to Cuba, gone undercover in brothels in New York, and more.  All with one mission in mind --- to understand the modern woman and female sexuality.

Her spiritual studies have been widespread as well - ranging from her first mentorship with writer and Psychic Bobby Drinnon in her teens, to living and learning meditation from tantric monastics in her early 20’s, to studying paganism and going to Starhawk’s Witch Camp, studying David Deida’s work for two years with two teachers in LA, and much more.  She is Reiki attuned and also has studied shamanism with one of the top American female shamen, Betsy Bergstrom.

She speaks publicly at places like Neuehouse, Rama Institute, Free People and more and offers events and retreats and ritual gatherings in New York and Los Angeles.



Writing + Film + Embodiment Work - New York University, BFA,  Writing, Playwrighting, Photography, Film 

Shamanism -  Journey Work, Curse Unraveling - Betsy Bergstrom, Valerie Farr - Seattle WA, Los Angeles, CA

Yoga of Intimacy and Sacred Partnership- Londin Angel Winters, Los Angeles, CA

Reiki - Elyssa Jakim, New York, NY

Intuition + Healer Mentorship - Bobby Drinnon, TN

Ritual Work + Activism - Starhawk's Witch Camp, Oregon

Tantric Yogic Meditation - Florence, Italy / Tuscany