Being the Invitation to Love – Poem + Playlist

Hi Beloveds,

Today I have a poem and playlist for you… an ACTIVATION for these dark moon days into the new… enjoy. 🌹



The presence that awakens the world is free.⁣

It doesn’t worry:⁣

“Is this too much⁣?
Is this not enough?”⁣

It gives boldly!⁣  It makes a splash!

Loves compassionately!⁣

Takes visionary risks!⁣

Creating things that can solve the problems of humanity, ⁣
it stands on the front lines,⁣
willing to risk it all for the good of the whole.

It screams when it doesn’t agree.

It dances when it feels like dancing.

It is quiet when silence is the medicine.⁣

The presence that awakens the world isn’t always comfortable,⁣
or palatable,⁣
or predictable.⁣

It is one with the Mother.⁣

The Moment.⁣

It is a presence that walks into a room and turns heads:⁣

“Who is the being holding so much Love in their belly?”⁣

The belly is soft and squishy and open and inviting – ⁣

Just like her gaze,⁣
her hair.

Their eyes that listen and invite. ⁣

The heart is open wide and warm and big shining across rooms,

through thunderous laughs, ⁣
and beaming smiles.⁣

Through soft tears that drip onto the chest,⁣
refracted like diamonds ⁣
that hush those around -⁣

This presence has taken lifetimes to cultivate⁣
and it still slips away,⁣
Irish exit-ing at times before anyone takes notice -⁣

Slipping below a heavy pain body of old memories clouding and fogging.⁣ ⁣

It takes practice ⁣
to keep it here…

This “awaken the world” presence.⁣ ⁣

Some days it awakens with pure love⁣.
Some days with pure fire.⁣
Some days with joy⁣.
Some days with sadness⁣.
Some days it is tired and must rest. 

It doesn’t matter the which.⁣

The presence is vast and encompassing,⁣
and labyrinthine -⁣
Mysterious ⁣
and revealed ⁣
all at once! ⁣

Being the Invitation ⁣
to Love⁣,
to Awakening⁣,
to Truth⁣,
is not always an easy path⁣,
but it is worth it -⁣

But do not be afraid of it,
of making a splash while you are here –

It’s your right and duty to follow your heart and allow your soul’s unfolding to occur with beauty + grace + wildness + mystery.

** Dress by Kristinit / Photos taken in Capital Reef, Utah on my road trip (highly recommend!)


For this week’s New Moon, here is a playlist for a JOURNEY TO THE DEEP… a practice at your edge type of embodiment practice.

Using breath, sound, and movement – let go, find your edge, expand past wherever it is you usually stay in the comfort zone with…

Happy New Moon, dear loves.