Alexandra has spent almost two decades as a writer, filmmaker, and artist telling stories using multiple mediums as a form of healing, self expression, and ritual.

Alexandra Roxo uses images to pierce the veil between inner and outer reality and to dive to the depths of her soul and the edges of her psyche, illuminating the wordless experience of being a woman in the world.  Her work inspires me. 

-Deborah Kampmeier, Filmmaker and Founder of Full Moon Films

Her play This Little Light of Mine (2004, directed and co-written) chronicled the self discovery of a Christian women and a Muslim women who were both in the same rehabilitation center.

Her first experimental films, Out of the Blue, Our Lady of the Snows (collaboration with Knomia) and The Heart is What Remains based on myths of Persephone and Mary Magdalene and the Lovers card in the tarot were screened at galleries in London, NYC, and Seattle and appeared in the AIR Biennial in New York City between 2012-2014.

Her photography of women’s bodies and visual metaphors of the female experience were showed at galleries in Portland Oregon, Seattle, New York, and LA between the years of 2007-2014.

Her feature film Mary Marie (co-written, directed by, and starring in) premiered at the Brooklyn Film Fest and was purchased by TLA Releasing

In 2014, she co-created the web show Be Here Nowish which she starred in as well and was featured in press such as Vogue, The New Yorker, and the London Times sharing the modern struggles of living a conscious life as a young person.


Her on camera host documentary work for Maybelline and Glamour Magazine and Vice Media took her to Brazil, Cuba and New Mexico to hear the untold stories of women.

She co-produced the feature film BARE (IFC Films) starring Diana Agron, and also acted in the film. Her feature film script On the Road (co-written) was featured in Independent Film Week and part of a reading series at Lincoln Center.

After nearly twenty years as an artist and filmmaker, Alexandra decided to move into writing her first book and assisting other women step into their power and share their stories with the world.

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