Announcing: Community Funding for Women by Women

Hi Loves,

Happy New Moon!  As I wrote on IG yesterday, it’s our monthly reminder and chance to dive inside, under the surface and into the depths… 🌛

I am so excited for all of our new members we welcomed into our yearly community of depth and sacred space yesterday at our New Moon Ritual – where we gather monthly to practice embodiment and getting back in tune with the wisdom of our own hearts.  It was our first gathering of the year and it was deep and lovely and yummy!

It is our pleasure to welcome those who feel called into this work.  AND I know that there are so many who feel the heart pull to begin to practice this in community, but are unable to make the financial commitment right now.

SO I am so so overjoyed to announce our new Radical Awakenings scholarship initiative for 2021!

It all started when one of our original members, Caroline, reached out and said she wanted to sponsor a woman for 2021.  She mentioned that perhaps she could inspire others who had the financial means to step up and share and sponsor a woman.

Because in these times, the isolation, anxiety, depression, and fear that we’re experiencing as humans has become way more prevalent.  According to research discussed in Psychology Today, depression is “the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for ages 10-34, and the fourth leading cause for ages 35-54.”  It is also shown that women have almost double the rate of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) than men, and are more at risk for chronic PTSD.

Our spiritual, emotional, and mental health are so incredibly important, as is getting into our bodies.  With our in-person retreats and ways of gathering currently gone, these online rituals and sacred spaces are really important to many of us.

The work that we do together in this community, and the tools we utilize, have been used throughout history – across cultures, and time – to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and can help to relax our nervous systems.

In this group, we work together in community to learn how to be our own healers, self-transform, love ourselves, and be of service to the world, even amidst the chaos.

And as we know so many people have lost their jobs this past year and are in financial distress, we want to provide opportunities where we can.  And so, for every scholarship that we are able to grant through collecting funds – we will match it!!!

We are taking donations of all amounts and we are collecting donations until Wednesday 1/27 – right up until the Full Moon!

If you have the means to sponsor a woman on her spiritual path, there are two steps below to help us provide opportunity – both of which together will take less than 5 minutes total.

And I wanted you to hear from Caroline on what called in her heart to start this initiative:

“Last year was incredibly intense and heart-wrenching.  It felt like we were all sent to our rooms by the Sky Daddy (God(dess)/universe/source/whatever you call it), while the shadows of the collective and the individual bubbled to the surface.  I spent most of the lockdown in my studio apartment in NYC alone.

2020 was like a yearlong intensive karma yoga retreat none of us consciously signed up for… but it comforts me to think our soul contracts say otherwise.

Although 2020 was “socially” distanced, my practice and my heart were so deeply connected in the Radical Awakenings virtual community.  I joined the Radical Awakenings community in 2020 as part of the INITIATION program after the closing of my 1:1 coaching container with Alexandra in 2019.

The illusions and the old ways of being were crumbling and there was no more hiding.  Participating in INITIATION invited me into the space of contemplation about the gifts and resources I have to offer to the world.  Walking on this path as a fiercely embodied heart-centered being, the biggest questions that came up for me were: “how can I serve the communities I call home and reach the ones that are underserved?  Is there something I can give and where do I have more than enough?”

2020 ignited a call within to shift some of my monetary contributions closer to “home”, and to support radical spaces away from the centrally funded patriarchal communities for healing.

I know many of you, like myself, have been touched so deeply by Alexandra’s work – including embodiment practices, our gatherings, her book, workshops/retreats, epic shares on Instagram/email, etc.  As I clicked the button to join Radical Awakenings for 2021, I felt that “hell yes” in my heart.  At the same time, I felt deep sadness for the women who do not have the financial means to invest in themselves the way I have been fortunate to do so these past few years.  The barriers to access spiritual and healing communities are something I don’t think we speak about enough.

And there came the calling – to bridge the gap between women experiencing financial hardship and this community that I call home.  I want to invest in other women and made my offer to sponsor another woman’s year in the Radical Awakenings community.  If I existed, I knew there were other women out there that may have a little extra love to give. 

Deep connection and the embodied awakened woman is needed now more than ever.  Let’s invest in each other’s healing and growth.  Community funding by women for women.”


Thank you loves, for helping us offer community, ritual, and sacred space to women around the world who are experiencing a financial need right now.

There are two steps to donate:


Over the last four years, we have been able to provide many, many scholarships to women in need who wanted to join and were called to do feminine spiritual and transformational work outside of the traditional therapeutic model and in a more self-guided and embodied way.  And this year, we want to continue that and be able to offer even more opportunities.

We are so thrilled Caroline felt the call to reach out!

** Once you submit a donation, Sabrina will send you a receipt by the end of January for your records.