A Transmission from your Heart Takes a Direct Route to Others’ Hearts

I once was beginning my coaching and mentorship business from being an artist and filmmaker full-time, and I went to show my new sparkly self-built website to my friend Fiona.  I was staying at her house at the time, while she was in and out of town traveling, in a light-filled flat in Los Feliz.  I had been working away on my site, and showed her with so much pride.  She looked at the Squarespace I had built, and said: “This is not you.  You are trying too hard.  You went from being a wild artist mystical bad girl to now looking like you’re a born again new ager.  It is not you.”

My heart sank, literally sank.

I felt shame, anger, self-righteousness…

She looked at me and said: “You don’t need to prove you are spiritual. You don’t need to prove you are an artist.  You’ve been on the spiritual path since you were 13.  You’ve been creating art publicly since you were 18.  Trust that is enough.  Let that speak through you, but don’t push it at people.”

I gulped.

She was right…

I was trying to prove my “spiritual validity”.  Because that is what I knew, from all the years of relying on my competency, instead of my being-ness.

But when I had the audacity to rely on my magnetic being-ness, crazy things happened…

I found myself in meetings at all the TV channels, at dinners with celebs, asking to advise and counsel them and give ideas…

When I tried to prove myself like I did on that site, it fell flat.

I went through and erased all spiritual buzzwords, things that felt inaccessible, overused, and FLAT…

My website started to feel like ME again.  Bless her for being so honest with me.  She was British, confident, and an incredible friend to me at the time, even introducing me to my first coaching client, a TV actress who took a risk on me.

This was 6-7 years ago.


Some of us have the urge to find a way to share our insides to the outside world… to not have these dimensions separate as a woman, inside world and outside world harmonious and symbiotic.

To not have the gates to the heart always exposed in the light, but shared with great care and intention, to reveal parts of the hidden worlds of our beings through writing and design and teaching and creating, in a way that doesn’t deplete us and deeply satisfies us.

When what we are sharing is RICH and FULL of our hearts, it rings a different tone.

There is no “should”.

There is no obligation.

There is no formula.

The transmission is from the HEART and it takes a direct route to others’ hearts…


Have you ever tried to create something in the world and it falls flat?

Maybe you had the shiny package, the right marketing, the perfect information, but it doesn’t land…

Which begs me to ask…

How much was at stake for you?

How much of your heart was in what you were creating?


I love helping women break through barriers to sharing their hearts, to bringing their tender bits slowly and intentionally into the light.

I love helping women translate their desires into the daylight and give feedback as to why it’s not landing or translating…

PEELING away masks and veils that obstruct the true MAGIC of a woman’s heart.

You will be exposed in this class.

You will be asked to come close to your heart and then be SEEN in it.

You will be challenged to put a sliver of your deepest self into the light.

You will be asked to examine if you are living your soul’s calling.

If not now, when?