Give me a messiah and I’ll join their cause.⁣⁣

Find me a revolutionary and I’ll be there.⁣⁣

For I can cook,⁣⁣

I can love,⁣⁣

I can sing,⁣⁣

I can mend.⁣⁣

I will obey the orders and march. ⁣⁣

What else shall I do?⁣⁣

Turn to the way I stir a spot.⁣⁣

The way I hold a hand-⁣⁣

The way I say hello to strangers in the street-⁣⁣

The depth of my listening- ⁣⁣

But give me a revolutionary and I’ll be there!⁣⁣

I’ll pack a bag!⁣⁣

I’ll lace my boots!⁣⁣

Until then I’ll make you tea-⁣⁣

I’ll cook dinner⁣⁣

I’ll read old books⁣⁣

I’ll listen to stories⁣⁣

I’ll be quiet so others can speak more⁣⁣

I’ll let the cycles of this planet move as they always have⁣⁣

And as they move us⁣⁣

I will love⁣⁣

I will wipe tears ⁣⁣

I will stay awake⁣⁣

I will read poetry⁣⁣

I will kiss⁣⁣

I will make love⁣⁣

I will not pretend the world isn’t burning⁣⁣

Animals aren’t dying⁣⁣

Leaders aren’t killing ⁣⁣

They always have been ⁣⁣

People have always been making love while wars are waged⁣⁣

And buildings crumbling ⁣⁣

Dancing and raising glasses⁣⁣

Passionately embracing ⁣⁣

Let us do that and not pretend ⁣⁣

Let us do that and not ignore⁣⁣

We may have been a⁣⁣

Business as Usual ⁣⁣

With genocide and slavery swept under old English rugs ⁣⁣

but ⁣⁣

We are looking now⁣⁣

We can protest ⁣⁣

by Loving⁣⁣

By Looking⁣⁣

By Listening ⁣⁣

And give me a revolutionary and I’ll be there!⁣⁣

Send them our way Dear Gods⁣⁣

(The dinosaurs didnt get one so why should we?⁣⁣

But I thought I may as well ask, ⁣⁣

No harm in asking?)⁣⁣

For now I’ll keep listening.⁣⁣

Awaiting the next steps from Beyond.⁣⁣

Wiping tears.⁣⁣



Making safe spaces.⁣⁣

Heating a copper kettle.⁣⁣

Not forgetting,⁣⁣

or getting full of false news ⁣⁣

I will be lighting candles.⁣⁣

Trying to get people to sit on my living room floor with me⁣⁣

Dance with me—⁣

Calling on the Beyond:⁣⁣ “Jesus? Gandhi? Martin Luther King Jr? Joan of Arc? Thoughts?”⁣⁣


“Dinosaurs?  Do you hear me?  Do you have any advice?  Asking for a Friend.”⁣⁣


xx AR xx. 1.7.2020