In my 3 Month Intensive we spend time making your life FEEL exactly how you want it to feel.  We unravel stories and write new ones. We dive under the surface and take a deep look at what is going on, sometimes things that have been in place for many, many years.  But we look at those things courageously together!  And we choose to make new storied and patterns so life can transform into wha you want it to be.

We remove the barriers to Big Love and Big Success.

We open the doors to the Mystical You.

I use shamanic tools, journey work, Tarot, somatic body work, polarity work, and many other tools I have studied for decades to get under the surface with you.  

There will be tears.  Laughter too.  But likely many tears.  If you want to dive into this work prepare to transform.  To be stretched.  To open deeper than you have before.  To face your demons, your crutches, your habits.  And to breakdown to breakthrough.  You can do this work on your own over years and years, or you can do it in this container in 3 months and make huge steps.  

If you are ready to not let old stories of traumas steer your life anymore and instead let your beautiful TRUTH steer your life then this is for you.

If you want to feel my medicine check out my Instagram and if you read a few posts you will feel in your body whether I resonate a YES in you!

3 MONTH INTENSIVE. the breakdown:


  • Once a week 60 minute Zoom, or in person transformational and teaching sessions in LA for 12 weeks and if you are in NYC when I am there
  • Customized homework for your ongoing growth and daily work and required reading, film, art exploration and more
  • Google Spreadsheets and Docs Folder full of Goodies customized to you
  • Membership to Moon Club which includes 3 online events a month, guided meditations, rituals, and access to all Moon Club materials.
  • Invites to first spots for retreats and events 
  • Audio recording of your session each week in your Client Folder so you can go back and take notes
  • Access to me via text and voice notes on my Monday office hours 12-4 pm so you can check in with me about things happening


  • A commitment to spending a lot of time on your growth and development for 3 solid months!
  • Time for homework and integration of the tools and practices we do together
  • Monthly Moon Ritual Work
  • Study, art, exploration, and adventure time


3 month commitment required at first, then we go month to month as you want to keep working. You and Me.  I guide you and give hold you through some deep deep work.  This is if you want to TRANSFORM.  I've had clients go 6 months and stay till 12 and 18 because they are SO happy with their growth.  It happens fast when you want it.  New job.  New radiance.  New love.  Whatever you want to be held and guided through.  Energetically we are super connected.  If you want community, change, transformation and are ready to really take your life next level this is it.  Not for the faint of heart. When you sign up things start to shift quickly.  Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Love. Opportunity. Transformation. 


One payment of $2495, Two payments of $1247, Three payments of $840, Four payments of $625

If this is something you are feeling called to do please send me a message about how you are hoping to transform, where you want to create change, what you want to release, and we can start from there. I look forward to starting this journey with you.

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Her work goes deep, and immense healing and transformation occurs in our sessions. She has helped me crack open, suck the poison out, and emerge victorious.
— - Nicole M. (Client of one year)


For those people wanting a reboot or a journey into something specific I offer one off rituals and one off consulting sessions.  

Each ritual includes a card reading, a guided journey, and a custom outline of next steps for your journey.  This is deep work and perfect to mark change in your life or being a new cycle.

Pricing: $250.  One hour.  In person in LA or Skype. You will also get an audio recording of the session. 


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Working with Alexandra has been pure bliss.
— Emma H. (Client, Holy F*ck salon attendee)
DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my work is to assist people in making changes in their lives and offer my support. I do this by offering mentorships, sessions, information, and advice as an Intuitive Coach. The advice and information i offer on this website is based exclusively on my life experience. I make no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in my work. I am not a medical or health practitioner. I do not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather I offers my clients a spiritual perspective to aid them in their self-healing and self-empowerment. Thank you!