Working with Alexandra over the past 40 days has dramatically begun shifting my inherited belief systems around abundance, self-worth & self love. We are also doing work around softening my ever-present brain bully— the hustler. Originally we were only going to do a 40 day program, but the shifts are so palpable that I want to continue digging and shifting with her. In fact, if I could keep her in my pocket at all times, I would.
— -Lulu Brud, Blogger:, Actress: Pretty Little Liars
Alexandra began working with me to help support being in relationship and to help me feel more connected to my sexual center. Little did I know, this would be a journey into claiming my power and womanhood. With extended coaching with Alexandra, I have worked on communicating my needs, standing up for myself, releasing shame, and anger, unconditionally accepting myself, breaking down perfectionism and embracing my wildness. This work has enabled me to feel stronger, more alive, and, importantly, to keep showing up for myself. That’s one of the great things about this ongoing coaching, I am held accountable to grow, and I am growing. A session with Alexandra is a joy. She creates a safe space where I know I can say and express anything, where I will always be heard with sensitivity and understanding. I feel surrounded by the love of the divine in a session, for Alexandra channels this love on your behalf, giving you messages from guides, and from her deep knowing and experience. Alexandra helps to inspire me when I feel down in the dumps, she coaxes the less secure me into getting out of the way so that I can shine. She knows when to be firm and call you on your resistance, but is also sensitive and gentle to insecurity and the challenges to growth. She is patient, always kind, loving, understanding, and fills my heart with laughter. Her ability to inspire and give you actionable steps to move forward is impeccable. I cannot recommend Alexandra highly enough. She is a goddess who helps you to embody your goddess too.
— Elyssa Jakim,
Alexandra was instrumental in working with us to design our wedding ceremony, the rituals and vestments that would signify our special bond and commitment to a life together. She brought a fun, relaxed, and generous air to the process, and executed her duties wonderfully and unerringly during the ceremony, and throughout all official business. She helped us stick with our goals, reminding us of them as we wandered off into the bushes of ideas we had. We still have the salt we used to make a ring around us for our vows—Alexandra blessed it with an oil that she thought of on her own, and it has worked wonders so far! I would recommend anyone looking for ceremony filled with love and respect and ease to contact Alexandra. She is a gem.
— Arturo Vidich and Julia Sun
Alexandra held my hand through the making of my first narrative film. From budget to personnel to editing, Alexandra knows her stuff. She knows how to make movies and gave me the courage to go out there and make mine. We need more artists and mentors like Alexandra in the industry, and the world.
— Daniella Rabbani, Actress and Director
Alexandra is truly one of the most rare and magical people that brings out the best in everyone she encounters. Her mission to help and empower women and bring light, love and joy to people’s lives truly goes above and beyond. I took the MoneyTalks course with her, did The 8 Day New Moon Detox, received lifechanging/empowering 1 on 1 advice from her, and attended the most recent Full Moon Solstice Ritual, thus far. To say that each of these experiences have been beyond transcendently delightful is doing a disservice to the mystical excellence, magic, empowerment, spirituality, and transformational beauty provided within them -that only you can experience for yourself. Alexandra is extremely knowledgeable and possesses divine expertise in a wide array of topics including (but in no way limited to) spirituality, sexuality, dating, rituals, meditations, manifestation, film, writing, career goals, life goals, and beyond. Her encouragement is phenomenal and she is so helpful, always offering to answer any questions or to give expert advice on any issues. She genuinely cares about making sure that you’re taking the steps to attaining your goals and her coaching and encouragement aim to take you as deep as possible to really help heal old wounds so that you can start to build a beautiful relationship with yourself, and truly love and accept and cherish yourself for who you really are. She’s truly a beautiful person inside and out, and I have and will continue to recommend absolutely anyone and everyone to either join a course or do 1 on 1 work with her if they really want to see magical results and enhance their lives greatly. <333
— Angela S.
Roxo is such a goddess and I am so grateful to her posts that are bursting with so much truth and authentic humanity as they have become a touchstone to remind me to be strong and empowered and to feel my feelings and that life is messy and beautiful at the same time and this is more than okay.

She has become a thought leader in this big world and I am so admiring of her.
— Danielle Lurie
I consider myself lucky to know and work with Alexandra. She creates space, free of judgment and full of tears and laughter, which allows me to find courage in my vulnerability. From esoteric teachings to making a plan to reignite my creative passions, her wisdom and intuition know no bounds. I am convinced she is an angel because she carries a light that cannot be dimmed and helps others shine. Alexandra changed my life by changing the way I think and for that, I will always be thankful.
— Hannah Smith
Working with Alexandra has been pure bliss, and at times a support in true transformational burning in the midst of human experience. It has been ritual, it has been love, and it has been real. It has been calling on goddesses, honing in on truth, going into the heart. It has been working through money issues and what it means to cleanse the body and what it is to work with an archetype; but what she knows is that there are layers. Deep in the heart of my own transformative experiences, I felt that I had space and perspective in how to face parts of me that needed facing, how to move through shifts, and ultimately how to keep the candle lit of who I already am. Working with her means sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes sitting in peace, an understanding presence who knows how to express herself and also helps remind me of my own self and self-expression. She reminds me to continue calling into the depths of my heart and to also see the inspiration, which she never hesitates to share.
— Emma Heldman
Working with Alexandra is like looking into the most loving of mirrors, her gentle truthful reflection of you and what’s happening is a healing in and of itself. Her insight, humour, guidance and collaborative approach make for a heart opening and expressive encounter. I highly recommend working with her.
— Gail Schock / G Love; Quantum Meditation & Spiritual Teacher, Mentor & Coach
Working with Alexandra the past few months has been an absolute blessing! I was looking for a way to go deeper with my spiritual journey and Alexandra met me right where I was and has taken me so much further than I knew I could go. She is incredibly intuitive and will help you navigate complicated issues with grace and no judgments what-so-ever. I can enter a coaching session completely stressed out and lost in my mind and come out feeling rooted, powerful, and focused. If you’re on the fence about working with her jump over already!
— Emma G.
Alexandra- thank you so much for this weekend. I cannot begin to explain how transformative it was for me. Talking about love is one the most challenging things for me, especially among those that are new to me, and this retreat provided so much healing and growth. Your incredible strength and ability to look deeply and succinctly into emotions is an amazing gift and I’m happy I got to experience it.
— M.G.
AHHH!! I love you! Thanks for changing my life!!
I’m so happy! Thing are moving and shaking so much for me! Signing up to a photography and sewing class this week. Feeling like I’m tapping into the real me. That sacral chakra is being nurtured and loved and I’m so thrilled :)
You’re the best!!!! Xoxo
— T.A.
Hi Alexandra, I needed your words on the shadow self more than I even knew. Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much, for being the only thing that clarified the past month for me. My eyes are welling up and my arms are shivering as I write this - really, thank you, and don’t ever stop because you are DOING IT and it’s beautiful. xo
— L.M.
Alexandra is a Goddess, straight-up. Not only does she inspire you to be the best, beautiful, luminous version of yourself through her loving kindness, she also has the fire of Kali who will snap you right out of your nonsense and call you the f**k out when necessary. I’ve been working with Alexandra for a year now, and I’ve changed so much in my life that would not have been accomplished without her intuitive guidance and spiritual a**-kicking! Her work goes deep, and immense healing and transformation occurs in our sessions. She has helped me crack open, suck the poison out, and emerge victorious. If you’re ready to make some changes, heal from trauma, or create something new in your life, I cannot recommend Alexandra enough.
— N.M.