Alexandra has spent over a decade expressing her varied visions as a filmmaker, writer, photographer, artist, playwright, and facilitator.  Her films have been screened at galleries and festivals around the world and have been featured in press varied from The New Yorker to Vogue to the Wall St Journal and many more.  Her mission has been to share truth with integrity, across all mediums, and bring more female narratives into the world. This search has taken her far and wide, filming with dancers in a truck stop strip club, telling mythical tales of the feminine in experimental films, creating comedy out of women's search for spirituality, living on the street filming train hopping homeless women, and more.  One truth has remained, a curiosity for humanity, for modern womanhood and how we all find freedom and truth in this wild world.  Her artistic work brought her to the healing arts- wanting to help empower others to share their unique voices and visions with the world and heal through old stories and traumas.

She now works with companies and individuals to help them achieve their creative and collective goals.  She has directed series for major brands, directed documentaries and narrative content and seeks to bring her unique style, vision, and socially conscious energy to any project or company.  Read more about her brand work here.

Interested to work with Alexandra one on one crafting your business, your creative project, bringing your life into alignment, finding your purpose, or spiritual practice and have the courage to share your voice and vision?  Read more here.