In the old days women would sit around fires and give each other advice, teach other things, and share stories.  We used storytelling to heal and learn and share and gather.  This mentorship program offers an ongoing space to commit to your own inner work and have space for your stories to be witnessed and heard. And to be held.  Not do it alone.  It's a place where you are held accountable every week for the inner work you are doing.  A place where you deepen your practice or create a new one.  Where you take a look at your shadows and are guided to get to know them.  Where you create goals and cast nets to draw your desires closer to you.  Where you uncover your radiance, your light, your soul's calling.  Whether it's healing your money issues, calling in big love, busting through your Saturn's return, connecting with your spirit guides we will create a plan to get you to the place where you can be the most YOU and live in your brightest light.

In my mentorship sessions I use a variety of tools starting with storytelling, and combining coaching and energy work, to keep the work body + heart + spirit always. We will do what feels right for you when you enter the session, honoring where you're at.  This work is for people ready to move and shake in their lives.  We make goals together and we work towards them with vigilance.  Whether its starting to date again, beginning a creative project, or reinventing your career - we do it together and I support you through the process.

This work is for people ready to dive deep and take an honest look at yourself and your life!  We work through traumas, patterns, habits, belief systems together in order to heal and move into a new phase together.

Mentorship Includes:

  • 90 minute kick off session to get to know each other and set our intentions for the work

  • Once a week 75 minute Skype or in person session 

  • Customized homework for your ongoing growth and daily work

  • Monthly oracle or tarot card check ins

  • Access to my other work and webinars and writings

  • Email guidance when needed

  • Homework exercises and tools you can use for life

  • Invites to first spots for retreats and events 

3 month minimum commitment. Since we go deep together and form a deep and lasting relationship that is weekly and open ended there are limited spots here as most of my clients have stayed beyond 3 months!  It's a beautiful process of change and growth and I'm honored to walk with you on it.

Pricing: The costs for the 3 month cycle is $2,222.

Payment Plan options: One payment of $2,122 ($100 off), two payments of $1,061, three payments of $740, four payments of $740.

Email me at Alexandra@AlexandraRoxo.com for with any questions you may have or schedule a 30 minute reading to get to know my style of work better.  


* Photo by Alexandra Herstik



DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my work is to assist people in making changes in their lives and offer my support. I do this by offering mentorships, sessions, information, and advice as an Intuitive Coach. The advice and information i offer on this website is based exclusively on my life experience. I make no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in my work. I am not a medical or health practitioner. I do not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather I offers my clients a spiritual perspective to aid them in their self-healing and self-empowerment. Thank you!