Last year I held a weekly salon devoted to talking about all things SEX and 2nd chakra, if you will.  You can read my manifesto for WHY here on The Numinous. The salon was amazing.  Women shared secrets and stories and we cried and we laughed.  I got busy with other projects but I realized that now more than ever the planet is in need of sexual healing.

Starting Feb. 26 2017 I will be doing a monthly 3 hour HOLY F*CK workshop designed to give a safe space to delve into the intersection between sex and spirituality, sex and your life story, sex and politics, sex and intellect, sex and art.  I believe that looking at sex through only one of these lenses (for example Spirituality) causes issues and that to understand and heal and embody healthy sexual energy we must engage all sides of ourself!

 It will be an explorations of your love story, patterns, habits, behaviors, dreams, and desires in the land of love and sex!  If you're ready for a reboot and a deep dive into your love and sex patterns and stories than this is for you.  Be prepared to come out the other side with a deeper understanding of your self, your patterns and tendencies and what you need to do to burst through them.

We will be using the tools of creative writing and storytelling to access our deeper truths and unpack whatever is preventing us from showing up for partnerships or having a great sex life or inviting in a new partner.  We will be sharing fantasies and fears, hopes and traumas, and most importantly: LAUGHTER.

This workshop combines my skills as a coach and mentor with my skills in creative writing and storytelling so you not only will be getting a boost to your love and sex life but also to your creative life!  Read more about my work here.


  • Monthly workshop - First one on the New Moon in Pisces on 2/26 at 11 am PST. 
  • Email with ritual prior as how to prepare for the workshop and get into the space to be ready
  • Limit 15 people, via Zoom video chat and conference, 3 hours so bring snacks!
  • $50 including a follow up email with homework, exercises and tools!

Secure your spot by clicking the box below and committing to putting some love into your sexual self and the energy of creation that's livin' in your body!