(Even when it says  "Hello from the Other Side!" and terrifies you)

I just realized it's been 7 months since I've started doing one one one work with people and I wanted to share about that journey and what the heck I've been doing all year with you...

A year ago I was sitting with my friend sex and wellness coach Shula Melamed and she said "Have you ever thought to work with people one on one?" Everything had been pointing me that way, but I was real skeptical.  Wasn't I supposed to be rich and famous and like win an Oscar or something?  I mean, come on, I was just in my first TV show. Had fancy agents. The words coach and healer felt very not #Glam to me.

But looking back I realize my soul was calling for it long before.  (And it was already in me!) I even wrote my character in the second season of Be Here Nowish as a gal who lived in LA, worked with people one on one, didn't drink and wore yoga pants a lot lol (I don't do that though! Ok fine, maybe sometimes...) I thought I would have to forgo my identity as an artist/writer/filmmaker to work with clients. I was also like "Wait, am I qualified for this?!"

So I did some soul searching, book reading, I was gifted two VERY expensive online trainings.  I spent 6 months cleaning up my energy and stopped drinking so I could be clear with others.  I built my own website.  I ask the Universe for help and friends that could meet me in this new space.  Thanks to Ruby Warrington of the Numinous as my gateway drug I was sent Loulou Androlia, Colleen McCann, Madeline Giles, Elyssa Jakim, Jayne Goldheart ...and suddenly felt myself surrounded by some bad ass healer women that felt like home.

People ask a lot what kind of work I do and I've struggled to define the work I have been doing and I realized my work is unique to me. (DUH!)  It's my own brand of medicine. I don't fit in a box.  (Pretty much ever in life!)  I'm queer.  I'm a multi-hyphenate.  My work as a mentor and healer is also outside the box.  What I call mentorship is a combination of intuitive coaching, energy work with Angelic Beings and Ascended Master and Deities, shadow work, inner child work, archetypes, storytelling, and the use of life as practice for transformation. (I'm also currently studying shamanic practice with some amazing older crone women and adding that to my practice!)

So here I am with my first 7 months of working with clients under my belt, 6 months of leading group Full Moon rituals, co-leading a 3 day retreat, two online classes, and 6 weeks of my Holy F*ck salon. I currently work with 18 women a week in group and privately. The keep extending their time with me and sending me emails saying things like "You're changing my life." and "Thank you for the amazing work you do." So even though I wasn't sure if I was "qualified" my clients have told me I am.

AND I didn't have to sacrifice being a writer and an artist to do this work. I've been developing two new shows this year and directed films for Glamour Mag and United airlines, delivered a pilot to Viceland in February, was a Sundance finalist for a show I co-wrote with Daniella Rabbani, hosted two live 30 minute shows on Condé Nast...And I write my monthly Holy F*ck column for the Numinous and moonlight at other publications as well.  MIRACLES are possible. And it's taken tons of tears and courage and help. AND I've sacrificed dating and romance this year to get it all done and be clear, but I'm open to that again now and makin' time for it.  

It's been a HARD-AS-HELL YEAR of not knowing which way is up or down as I've redefined things, not always having enough money to get by, feeling like I was lost, feeling alone on a new path but something always came through to help me.  A new friend who assured me I wasn't crazy for having a vision.  A friend letting me live for a discounted price at her home.  Miracles to get me on my feet. 

I'm proof that you don't have to wait for your dreams to happen. I didn't go to film school and I made films. I didn't go to healer school and now I'm a healer. You can teach yourself. You can find mentors and teachers and take classes here and there and be resourceful. You can ask Spirit for help.

If you are looking to make major life changes and are ignoring the call it will keep calling until you listen.  I tried to drown it out with alcohol, drugs, sex, work, cigarettes, an eating disorder....it didn't work. Thanks to my work with Ayuasca I was told to get the show on the road and get down to business and I listened. I'm forever grateful to all those people who have helped me this year to have the courage.

If you are feeling the need to transform and heed an inner calling don't delay.  It'll just keep coming back stronger and stronger if you don't listen. 

Here are some ways to "Get your show on the road" if you're feelin' like heeding the call:

  • Devote yourself to finding YOUR OWN unique practice.  Forget what everyone else is doing.  Find yours.  Research. Read.  Try things.  Try them like 10 times before you claim them as your practice.  Don't be afraid to have something that no one around you does.  If your heart lights up when you hear Celtic tunes look further.  If dance is your medicine do that.  
  • Make something.  Everyone is creative.  Find a place to channel your passion.  You are an artist.  Whether it's muffin making, watercolors, blogging, iPhone-ing, or a Groupon ceramics class- give your creativity i.e. life force aka PASSION a place to play!

And If you want outside help here are some ways I am available regardless of your budget:

  • I am starting another group session for people who can't afford one on one mentorship.  Email here if you're interested.
  • I am co-leading month 6 of online virtual Full Moon Journey and Ritual with Ruby Warrington this Sunday at 5 pm pst / 8 pm est.  It's FREE! Open to any gender. Register HERE.  And even if you can't attend you'll get a recording to listen to and watch at your leisure.
  • VERY soon I will be announcing a new project with Ruby that will provide affordable guidance and mentorship to anyone in need!  Stay tuned on my Instagram or Facebook for details.

This is the short version...the rest will be heard in my book when I write it!

Thanks for loving and supporting me through this growth spurt and call into a fuller version of me. 

xx Alexandra