Alexandra Roxo is a creator, filmmaker, writer, spiritual and creative mentor, healer, and community leader living by the ocean in Los Angeles, California. She has been creating art out of her deep spiritual search for over a decade and has received much international acclaim and press. She also uses her passion for life, her curiosity, her knowledge of the esoteric arts, storytelling and creativity working with people one on one to help them unfold into their best selves,  guide them through their own healing processes, and find the next steps in their lives towards greater health and fulfillment and deep love.  She is the co-founder of the online community, Moon Club, dedicated to inspiring and empowering women, gathering in ritual, and broadening community for social and personal change.

She writes a popular column called “Holy F*ck” for The Numinous where she explores modern spirituality and sexuality which she has turned into a series of online workshops where she digitally gathers people to talk about the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. 

Her film work has been featured in international press from Vogue to Dazed to i-D, New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and more.  Her films with VICE have been viewed by millions and she was made two feature films that premiered at festivals and were sold to international distributors.  Her web show Be Here Nowish received much acclaim and is featured on Vimeo and Ora TV.  Her piece Every Woman for received over 10 million views and turned into a TV pilot for the channel Viceland  she directed which was produced by Spike Jonze. She is currently in development for two new TV shows, and directs commercials projects as well with the production company Hēlo. She has appeared in TV shows such as The Knick opposite Clive Owen and in films such as Bare, opposite Diana Agron and Paz de la Huerta. Her first feature film Mary Marie which Variety called a "Stunning femme-on-femme opus" is available to purchase on

As a public speaker and event host and community leader, she has been leading group rituals off and on for the last ten years with a focus on women's healing.  She has lead group rituals, meditations, and women's circles for over a decade. Her work with women and healing started with her community organizing of art and filmmaking workshops with organizations such as GEMS, Art Start, Youth in Focus, and Caritas in Italy.

She has completed courses of study with shamanic practicioner Betsy Bergstrom and Valerie Farr and been mentored by multiple coaches, healers and teachers over the years. 

All photos by Alexandra Herstik