Alexandra has been a mystical mamma on her spiritual quest since age 12 where she first learned about all things energy with her first spiritual teacher.  She told her she was going to be an actress and director and that she would make it on the big screen come hell or highwater.  He told her she would but also she would become a healer. She scoffed but spent the next 20 years making art and films about her spiritual quest and about being a woman in today’s world.  She made understanding spirituality and sexuality and the balance between the mystical and the material her mission!


Alexandra has been studying various spiritual traditions since she was 12 when she started learning about her aura and chakras while also studying the Bible in Georgia and also catholicism with her grandma in Brazil.  Lol, this was confusing at times but served as a deep basis for her interest in mysticism and energy!  At age 18 she began to study Eastern traditions and began a meditation practice and study with Catholic monks in Italy who practice meditation in abandoned churches that they turn into meditation centers.  She learned deep meditation practice and the intersection of Eastern and Western religions at that time. During this time she also ran workshops at homeless shelters for teens, arts workshops for victims of sex trafficking, was a mentor to at risk youth in the arts and more.

After studying in Italy she returned to the US to study pagan and Goddess traditions at Starhawk's witch camp  and began her practice in bringing the female voice back into the spiritual and religious space.  She has studied and practiced plant medicine ceremonies for over 5 years and moon ritual work for over ten years.



Meanwhile Alexandra was busy making art and films about her quests and adventures! Her work has been featured in international press from Vogue to Dazed to i-D, New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and more.  Her first feature film “Mary marie” received praise and reviews in Variety Magazine, NY Magazine and more. Her films with Vice have been viewed by millions of people and she was made two feature films that premiered at festivals and were sold to distributors IFC and TLA.  Her web show Be Here Nowish about all things mystical received much acclaim and press from London Times to Wall St Journal and can be viewed on Vimeo and Ora TV.  She directed a TV pilot for the channel Viceland produced by Spike Jonze, played Clive Owen’s sexy gal in Steven Soderbergh’s TV show “The Knick” and currently is directing a branded doc series for United Airlines.  



Now Alexandra works with clients one on one doing energy work and transformational sessions to help awaken women to be their own healers and claim their voices, bodies, and sexuality!  She also co-founded MOON CLUB - an online community and space for all this magic to happen in - where 500 women gather at retreats and virtually to help empower each other to become the most amazing versions of themselves as possible.

She studies Sacred Partnership and the Yoga of Intimacy with two masters in LA, Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce.   

She currently writes two columns about all things Sex / Love / Spirit for the Numinous and and moonlights as a writer for Well + Good, Mind Body Green, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and more.

She lives oceanfront in Santa Monica, but keeps an open love affair with NYC.


All photos by Alexandra Herstik